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Teaser Trailer 3

Morgan King

Just uploaded a third teaser trailer to YouTube showing off some of the new scenes - have a look! Hard to believe 2018 has gone by so quickly, but hopefully this will the be the last stretch of animation that we’re completing now, and we’ll have a whole lot more to show soon.

Animation continues apace.

Morgan King

Hello, all - just checking in. Animation continues on The Spine of Night at a good clip - it turns out that it takes a while to animate a feature-length film!

Here's a still of Uruq Il-Irin lecturing from his podium inside the great library of the Pantheon Ashurban:


The Spine of Night

Morgan King

I'm thrilled to get to finally show off some of the animation from our upcoming feature-length film, The Spine of Night. It was written and directed by myself, Morgan Galen King, and Philip Gelatt (of Europa Report and The Bleeding House). Have a look:

We're also doing a production blog over at if you'd like to see more about the development of the film.

MIFF 2013

Morgan King

Exordium was featured as part of Machinima Interactive Film Festival shown at the IAM8BIT Gallery in Los Angeles. Here's some pictures, courtesy of Ryan Burns.



Storyboards added

Morgan King

The storyboards for our newest project, Exordium, drawn by Ian Densford are up, alongside the original story for the short written by Morgan Galen King. A few things changed in a bit in the year of actually making the short, but I'm amazed at how much didn't.